From starting gate to starting over.

Belvano had a little bit of a rough start when he came to Blue Bloods. As a young, sweet, and athletic gelding he was quickly adopted, but, due to no fault of his own, Bel was returned and sadly went through multiple failed adoptions for one reason or another. He was put into the Averett University riding class in the fall of 2016 where the students and teacher fell in love with his honesty, quiet demeanor, and his trying and willing personality. BBTAP donated him to Averett for the spring semester and he has truly thrived. Belvano can now be found used in both IDA and IHSA shows, riding dressage, jumping, and cross country, being loved on by the 40 students in the program, and will be spending the summer at a children's camp. Averett loves our new school horse!

Averett Student and "Belvano"

I adopted Pete in January 2016, after watching him progress through the class with Averett Equestrian students. I was immediately drawn to his personality, and the athleticism that he showed while free jumping on the showcase day in December. I spent the first few months getting to know him and taking him for long walks, as well as a little walk/trot work in the arena. I then took him home to New Hampshire for the summer, and started taking some lessons and trotting him over small cross rails. He was a super star every step of the way!

Once I got back to Virginia in the fall, I continued with our jumping lessons up at Averett with Cricket. He quickly grew to love jumping, and is really coming along in his flat work! I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, even through some of our more exciting moments, Pete remains level headed. We’ve been taking our training slowly, and spend the majority of our weeks trail riding with friends. I plan on taking him up to the Combined Training show that Averett is hosting in April this year. I hope to continue our progress in jumping and eventually event him!

I wanted to send an update to let you know that Inca is doing well. She is a favorite at the farm where we are currently boarding her while she's in training. Everyone just loves her sweet personality and she is getting spoiled rotten with all the petting and treats (but is staying just as sweet and gentle as ever). 😊 My 11 year old daughter rode her in a lesson for the first time yesterday, although she has been on her before at the walk. Lots of walking with a little trotting, and Inca was as good as gold!

Claire and "Inca"

Amanda and "Pete"

"I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse."

-John Galsworthy

MaryBeth and "Ruby"

Ruby is perfect! When she arrived here at her new home, she calmly walked off the trailer, briefly looked around at her new surroundings, and started grazing. Ruby settled right in and loves her pasture friends, especially the 2 donkeys.

Ruby is a fun ride and she really loves the trails by the river. She displays a lot of enthusiasm at meal times and enjoys grazing in her large pasture. And she is very smart and attentive, often seeing deer before I do. Ruby is very calm and does not spook when she spies the deer. She has adapted to getting regular massages and has yet to turn down a carrot or any other treat!

Thanks for rescuing Ruby! She is living the good life and enjoying a much deserved retirement after racing and being a broodmare.

Lauren and "Copper"

Success Stories

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for such a wonderful horse! He has completely settled in and is doing great. You didn't tell me he has such a personality!I just wanted to write to thank you and your team for being such a pleasure to work with! We all had such a pleasant experience coming down to your beautiful facility and seeing how wonderful and happy all of your horses were. It is so nice to know that there are such caring people in the horse world. I hope that your program becomes a great success and we would love to keep in touch and help in any way possible. Please feel free to come up any time and see Copper and what our program is all about! Thank you again for helping me find my perfect horse, I am so excited to see all that he has to offer!