From starting gate to starting over.

Sponsoring a Horse

Did you know that on average our thoroughbreds eat roughly 28 pounds of food a day? That is about 8 pounds of concentrate and 20 pounds of roughage depending on the needs of the individual horse. In addition to grain and quality grass hay, our thoroughbreds are kept on a supplement called Kombat Boots. Kombat Boots is a natural yeast pellet that promotes hoof growth, digestive health and helps maintain a healthy weight and a shiny coat. Since most of our thoroughbreds are barefoot, this supplement is vital for their hoof care. On average, the overall cost of feeding a thoroughbred at Blue Bloods is about $5 per day or $155 per month.

By sponsoring a horse, for a month or even for a single day, you can help us to accomplish our goal of maintaining a healthy horse. Please consider pledging $155 for one month or $5 for one day.  Or sponsor one horses farrier bill at $30 per month. We appreciate any and all donations, small or large!

At BBTAP, we have a select few horses that cannot be without front shoes. For $60 per month, would you consider buying a horse a pair of shoes?

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