From starting gate to starting over.

Our Mission at Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement.


Our Mission statement says: "Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement, Inc., hereafter BBTAP has been formed to ensure that retired racehorses find a second calling and profession. Thoroughbred racehorses often meet dire fates, with too many owners and trainers turning these horses to livestock auctions. The owners and trainers usually don't have adequate resources, including farmland, or funds to keep the retired horses. The livestock auctions, in turn, sell the horses on the market. Many people buy old or non-productive horses and transport them to slaughter in exchange for payment. Our organization's goal is to prevent animal slaughtering and offers a more humane alternative at the end of each horse's career.

The horses that are accepted into the "After Care Program" are evaluated, rehabilitated, rested, retrained and placed into loving homes. BBTAP will place horses for adoption and find them suitable and reliable adopters.