From starting gate to starting over.

Ally Febbo

Senior Abigail Lackey has ridden her whole life and this is her second year taking the retraining course at Blue Bloods! Her 2017 mount, Goose Bay, was successfully adopted at the end of the semester after developing into a wonderful riding horse and partner with Abigail. This year, she will be working with "Here's the Fuego" a four-year-old, 16h mare bred in New York and "Shining America" a six-year-old Kentucky bred mare. a  So far, Fuego has been described as sound, sociable, comfortable undersaddle, with a willing attitude. Abigail has been impressed with her unflappable personality so far while being introduced to a whole new way of going. Shine has been coming along just as nicely with a natural aptitude for jumping.

Ally Febbo has been a competitive three day eventer since a young age. Being an eventer, Ally loves and appreciates the Thoroughbred breed. Their brains, willingness to please their person, and amazing athletic ability led Ally to own an off-the-track Thoroughbred and inspired her to take this course. Ally states, "Blue Bloods and the Averett partnership gives me the opportunity to retrain an incredible horse named StarTripEnterprise, aka Bones. Bones stands around 17hh and is a pleasure to ride. Every ride he comes out the same cool, level headed, ready to work guy. We recently started jumping small jumps and he was extremely brave and stepped right over the crossrail, no questions asked. This horse has an incredible brain and temperament. Whoever adopts him will be extremely lucky!"

Averett Equestrians Begin Class

August 28, 2018

On August 28th, Averett Equestrians began their fifth year of partnership with Blue Bloods in a class on retraining former racehorses. Four lucky students and horses began their journey together for the semester. On the first day, the students met their horses and began to get to know each other. They groomed and tacked their mounts for a quick walk about the farm. The end goal is to have a fit, confident horse who is well schooled in the basics of walk, trot, canter, basic leg yields, small jumps and ready to begin their next riding career.

Madison Grandy

Senior Madison Grandy has ridden most of her life but fell in love with Thoroughbreds when she purchased her own off-the-track mount . The willingness to please and the eagerness to learn just made her love them even more. Madison was a little nervous at first since she has never worked with or retrained a horse so fresh off the track. However, when she was introduced to Starship Senorita (aka Star) there was an instant connection.  Star has a very honest personality and does everything that has been asked of her. She is a perfect little mare with lots of potential. Madison states that Star is a quick learner and remembers everything that they have worked on each ride. She hopes to find this lovely little mare the perfect home at the end of the semester!

Abigail Lackey

Senior Paige Robbins is majoring in Equine Science/Pre-Vet, and most recently had the incredible opportunity of interning for Dr. Timothy Ober over the summer in northern Virginia. After learning so much about the extensive mechanics of horses as athletes and how their training directly affects this, Paige is very excited to use these skills and experiences to train her assigned thoroughbred this semester. She has never had the opportunity to work with a horse this early on in its training, so she is looking forward to not only showing what she can teach her thoroughbred, but also learning from her thoroughbred as well. Paige is extremely thrilled to be working with Lou (Louie’s Gift), and says “I’ve only been working with Lou for a couple of weeks, but she has already stolen my heart! She is so honest and willing to learn, and you can definitely tell that she really tries hard to please. I look forward to every day that I get to go out to Blue Bloods to work with Lou; she never fails to put a smile on my face with her enthusiasm and wonderful personality! Being able to work with Blue Bloods is definitely a great opportunity, and I’m so glad that Averett is able to help this extraordinary adoption program find homes for all of these amazing horses.”

Paige Robbins