From starting gate to starting over.

Junior Jess Allanson has dabbled in all the English disciplines starting in hunter/jumpers, to dressage, and most recently eventing after spending a summer working for John Michael Durr in Shelby, NC. Jess says, "I'm excited about this class because I learned a lot about starting/restarting horses this summer with guidance and now get to apply all I've learned with my own project! I'm currently working with Ms. Louie (Louie's Gift) and in just a couple of weeks she is going walk/trot/canter nicely and doing school figures while working on suppleness! I think she'd be a great kids/teens horse after this semester."

Jessica Allanson

Sophomore Taryn Spore is double majoring in business management and eventing while at Averett and her dream is to manage and run Eventing barns when she graduates school. She spent her highschool years working for 4* eventer Natalie Rooney in California and last summer worked for John Michael Durr in Shelby, NC, where she gained experience working with green horses. Taryn has this to say of her partner this semester: "Allykris is a wonderful compact mare with tons of potential! I've only worked with her for a week, but already see a ton of improvements and her personality is really coming out." Taryn also hopes to find her next eventing partner from Blue Bloods while in the class!

Abigail Lackey

Averett Equestrians Begin Class

August 28, 2017

On August 28th, Averett Equestrians began their fourth year of partnership with Blue Bloods in a class on retraining former racehorses. Five lucky students and horses began their journey together for the semester. On the first day, the students met their horses and began to get to know each other. They groomed and tacked their mounts and even got on and walked around the arena. The end goal is to have a fit, confident horse who is well schooled in the basics of walk, trot, canter, basic leg yields, small jumps and ready to begin their next career.

Taryn Spore

Junior Abigail Lackey has ridden her whole life but has never worked with an OTTB this early on in its training. Although a little nervous, she can't wait to learn from it! Abbey had this to say about her first day with Goose: "On my first day, I quickly found out that Goose has more whoa than go. He is very level-headed, doesn't seem to care about scary noises or being by himself. We first lunged and I learned that he is very good at it naturally, which is exciting. When I got on he stood at the mounting block like any seasoned camp Quarter Horse would. I asked him to walk forward and he happily carried me around the grass field. When we trotted, I wasn't quite prepared for the level of unbalance that came but I adjusted. He kept a pretty steady pace and turned when I asked and when he heard the word "walk" his brakes were on haha! I am unbelievably excited for this class! I feel like it will teach me a lot and certainly keep me busy. I can't wait to see how much we can progress, and I'm already getting excited for the person that will give Goose a nice home."

Junior Colleen Shea-Hackett has ridden hunter/jumpers her whole life and began eventing this past summer while working with Will Coleman. She is looking forward to her semester gaining valuable knowledge about the OTTB and the progression from green to an educated and confident sport horse. She has fondly nicknamed her partner Made Off, Bernie, and has all positive remarks: "He has a super sweet and mellow personality with a good head and is very honest. The first day we worked with him, we worked on ground manners and he picked it all up super well. I could tell he was a really easygoing horse from the beginning. I'm excited to keep working with him; I know he has tons of potential and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Colleen Shea-Hackett