From starting gate to starting over.

Blue Bloods starts school with Averett University.

August 25, 2014

Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement Inc., is partnering with Averett University to host a course that will prepare equestrian studies students for retraining off the track thoroughbreds. The course is a 3 credit hour, service-learning course that will focus on retraining the horse and make it more suitable for adoption.

Six of Blue Bloods OTTBs have been chosen as mounts and the course instructors have carefully matched each student to the appropriate horse. The students are responsible for grooming, developing a bond with and riding each of their horses in weekly lessons at the BBTAP facility. Averett students will represent each of their horses by taking photos and videos of the horse for prospective adopters.

Blue Bloods Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement Inc., is excited about this opportunity to educate young adults about off the track thoroughbreds!