From starting gate to starting over.

Service Learning Showcase

April 10, 2017

A Service Learning Course at Averett University is a semester long class that incorporates the knowledge and theory based aspect and combines it with a local organization to give students a real-world application to their knowledge but also to help organizations with their specific needs. This kind of learning is extremely beneficial for both parties allowing students to have a stronger connection and motivation for their work, gain useful skills and experience that can later help in future careers, and also give man power and new ideas for the organization.

Blue Bloods and Averett's partnership came about because of this wonderful program that Averett has created. The equestrian students gain valuable experience restarting and retraining the increasingly popular OTTB, and Blue Bloods gains students every year that are dedicated to helping the horses find new careers.

The showcase event was held in Averett's Frith auditorium for students, faculty, staff, and guest to learn more about each service learning course that was held this year and how it impacted the student and the partnering organization. Senior's Jessica Stipic and Hannah Walters took the class in the fall of 2016 and continue to volunteer and advocate for Blue Bloods and presented at the event. The student's did an excellent job promoting the organization and getting people interested and educated about the racing industry and how programs like BBTAP are essential to the well being of the OTTB.