From starting gate to starting over.

Denny Emerson visits Blue Bloods

January 30, 2017

Denny Emerson was named “One of the 50 most influential horsemen of the Twentieth Century ...” by The Chronicle of the Horse, The only rider to have ever won both a gold medal in eventing and a Tevis buckle in endurance, and in 2006, Denny was inducted into the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Hall of Fame. Denny has quite the following on his Facebook page, Tamarack Hill Farm, where almost 52,000 followers enjoy his history lessons, training advice, and daily updates.

Mr. Emerson is a true advocate for the thoroughbred breed, especially OTTB mares, and BBTAP had just the right mare. Meet in Khartoum was dropped off at Blue Bloods and promptly turned out to destress and adjust to life off the track without much of a thought. She was a plain brown wrapper slightly downhill but looked to still be filling out. Once we bagan her evaluation and researched her race history we realized she was half-sisters to the Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah. This mare was young, sound, and very well bred and thought a top trainer would be interested.

Denny visited BBTAP twice and had excellent things to say about the facility having "Big beautiful pastures"  our trainer Cymry Flood "We all need clones of these talented and gutsy younger riders like Cymry!" and overall quality and selection of the horses available.

Khartoum was taken to Emerson's Southern Pines facility where he plans to spend the first 30 days trail riding and building strength without stress and progressing from there. You can follow Denny and Khartoum's training journey through his Tamarack Hill Farm Facebook page and our BBTAP Facebook will be sharing his stories.